Five Super Bowl Party Game Ideas for Your Office Friends

It can be super fun throwing a Super Bowl party at your place. To add to the sheer buildup of the event, delicious snacks are a must. You can’t watch a game properly without a constant round of nibbles. But it’s the games that you want to be sure of. Your office friends are such a motley crew and you want to make sure that they’re all fine with the games you select. 

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People Bingo

This is an icebreaker Super bowl game and it’s excellent for when some of your guests are new to your group. As the host, you already know something about your guests. Cut snippets of paper and put an interesting fact on each one about your guests. 

Examples can be ‘plays the guitar,’ ‘has recently been on a cruise ship,’ ‘works in a sports shop,’ ‘goes horse riding over the weekends,’ and so on. Everybody can throw in their ideas of who is being spoken about. It’s a super icebreaker game that will have everyone relaxed with each other when the game starts. 

Bocce Ball

For your next ‘watching the game’ party, make sure you invest in a Bocce ball set. This is such a fun game if you have a bit of a lawn. Bocce ball is an excellent recreational activity for any outdoor party. 

Somebody throws a small, fairly heavy ball quite a far distance off, say about 20 feet away. Then each participating person is given 4 balls each and they have to throw their balls as close as possible to the smaller ball. The one with their ball closest to the small ball is the winner. It can get very competitive and get your guests right into the spirit of winning outright.

Super Bowl Trivia

Not all your Super Bowl games have to be outside, more so if you don’t have a garden. Super Bowl trivia is a super game to play indoors while everyone is relaxing with drinks. Show off with your knowledge of the NFL and the Super Bowl. Now is the time to see if your group of friends are the real true sports fans they claim to be. 

Test their knowledge with fun rounds of Super Bowl trivia. There are easy and difficult questions about past Super Bowls and the game’s history. You can even plan to present some kind of a price for the one who aces the quiz. 

Predicting the Super Bowl

Not all your guests will like cavorting around in front of other guests. They may even feel embarrassed and wish they had never come. That’s why make sure everyone knows that they can freely take part or sit out any of the games. A ‘safe’ game for everyone is simply predicting the outcome of the Super Bowl game.

It’s always a winner at a Super Bowl party, especially if each participant has to throw in $15 to predict. The one with the closest score gets to take home the small monetary prize. Such a game keeps everyone engaged throughout the game as the changing score makes them winners and losers. Your sensational party game ideas are guaranteed to keep everyone in high spirits from start to finish. 

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