How Truck Drivers Can Ensure Safety on State Highways

Delivery trucks and semi-trucks can cause a lot of damage if they come careering into your little car. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration tells us that these accidents are a result of truck drivers not giving their full attention to activities on the road. 

They don’t bother to reduce speed when they come across hazardous conditions on the roads. So what should they be doing to ensure safety on state highways?

Compensation for when a truck plows into you

Nobody likes driving behind or next to 18-wheelers on the state highways. They’ve got a reputation for being responsible for many accidents, injuries, and deaths. Accident lawyers have to contend with many people who have had family members killed and injured by them.

If you’ve been involved in such an accident, you will want to get justice and compensation. You don’t want to take on these big trucking companies on your own or to deal with obstreperous insurance companies. It’s why you daren’t go it alone without the help of the best lawyers on your side. 

Vehicle maintenance

It’s important for truck drivers to ensure safety on state highways for themselves but also for other motorists on the roads. It is up to each driver to inspect their vehicle for any kind of safety defect. What about brakes? They need to be checked regularly. 

It goes without saying that preventative truck maintenance can lower running costs for trucks, increase the lifespan of the vehicle and increase safety for truck drivers and other drivers on the roads. 

General safety tips

Truck drivers can ensure safety on state highways by leaving the proper distance between their trucks and the vehicles in front of them. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration tells truckers that they should follow the Rule of Seconds. It’s a rule that stipulates a safe following distance between vehicles.

If a truck hits someone from behind, they are considered to be at fault. Of course, huge trucks need more stopping distances than other vehicles. Drivers should also always buckle up to ensure better control and safety. 

No cell phones while driving

By now, you would think everybody would know that using a cell phone while driving is life-threatening behavior. And yet, so many people still do it and many pay the ultimate price. As it is, it is illegal in most states to use a handheld mobile phone while driving. Especially for truck drivers, managing a huge truck can be deadly while texting on your phone. 

Some drivers who text while driving believe that they are multitaskers and they simply choose to ignore the texting-and-driving ban. There are some organizations, such as the National Transportation Safety Board, that recommend that people not use their phones at all while behind the wheel, while others say that hands-free tools can be regarded as safe.

Unlicensed truck drivers

Truckers need to ensure that they are properly trained and licensed to drive a truck. Semi Truck Accident Lawyers see many clients who have been maimed for life because of unskilled, unlicensed truckers. Trucking companies are often at fault for not vetting their driver applicants properly. To become a commercial truck driver and to drive safely, a truck driver needs a license, they need to pass the FMCSA exam, pass medical tests and complete the CDL exam. 

There are truck driving schools where you can complete all these requirements. Even if you do meet these requirements, there are certain things that can still prevent you from getting your CDL. There are some medical conditions such as high blood pressure that can prevent you from getting your license, as well as serious criminal offenses such as drunk driving. 

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