Importance of Conducting Sexual Harassment Preventive Training

Despite the tight schedules at the workplace that leave most employees barely with no time to interact intimately, sexual harassment continues to be an issue in most work environments. That explains why many organizations worldwide are reviewing their policies and coming up with new rules of engagement for all activities.

The new rules alone do not suffice when handling sexual harassment, which explains the necessity to have preventive training. Below are the top points on the importance of conducting sexual harassment preventative training.

Reduces legal liabilities

It has always been very tough to deal with sexual harassment cases, especially when the employee takes legal action. In this case, your firm will be questioned about the sexual harassment training programs on the anti-harassment laws. The penalties in the form of substantial monetary sanctions may negatively affect your organization.

It’s good to take action when one of your employees raises a complaint about sexual harassment in the company. Some of the employees may take the issue to higher levels by filing a case against your company. 

In that case, your need to hire sexual harassment attorneys to deal with investigation and representation at the court for the claims raised against the company. Through the sexual harassment lawyers at, the case will be dealt with effectively without favoritism or any other act of illegality. 

Positive workplace relationships

In a work environment, there is a need to limit how workers interact with each other. Sexual harassment in a work environment has detrimental effects on the employees, especially if the boss commits it. Having elaborate sexual harassment prevention training can help your company to curb any case of sexual assaults and create positive workplace relationships.

It’s vitally essential, especially to the newly inducted workers who are busy trying to do their best to please the managers in different company departments with their work. They might fail to limit their engagements with the boss. Before they realize it, they might have been sexually assaulted.

Increases employee loyalty

Loyalty is an essential factor that contributes to good work relationships in the organization. Sexual harassment training helps sharpen the employees’ wits on different tricks that may be used to lure them into forced relationships. The way that “certain” employee talks to the other can depict what they are up to.

In many cases, it starts from frequent hugs and maybe gentle brushes on the shoulder. As the manager, you may not feel ok with it, but that doesn’t mean that you should trust the employee doing it with proper training. You will get to know that things are not ok when everything is getting out of hand.

Promotes openness in an organization

In most cases, when an employee is sexually assaulted in an organization, they may fail to report the issue. That’s because most employees care too much about their reputations, and they rarely want any unnecessary saga to occur on them. But, on the other hand, it gives whoever did it the confidence that you are “mature” and you cannot allow your name to be tainted by the general public.

Sometimes, there might even be some evidence of what happened, but the employee may deny it 100% as they may lose something special. Taking your employees through sexual harassment training will make them feel confident when reporting such cases in the organization.

More knowledge on the workforce

As the boss, you may not easily witness the sexual harassment of one of your employees. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening within the organization. Some of the workers might be crying foul in the silence of the managers in different sectors due to sexual favors being asked from them.

Training your team on the sexual harassment preventive measures will help them increase their knowledge in this sector. They will be able to notice clearly any instances of sexual harassment and respond to them appropriately. You will have all of your team impacted with the proper knowledge of sexual harassment through the training. 

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